Reviews of Erin R. Ward, LAc, LMT

Michael Caris

I had been to a chiro for neck and shoulder pain and had six treatments over 4 weeks. I came on the cruise unable to sit/stand or be active at all and was on painkillers almost the whole time until I attended a [acupuncture] seminar and took up a treatment. The results were immediate, and in fact the night after treatment I was able to sleep pain free for the first time in five weeks without any medication. I attended another session for more acupuncture the next day and I have to say my whole wellness was more improved after even 30 minutes of Erin’s treatment… I am amazed at the positive results. I was on Naprogesic, Panadol Night, Panadol Osteo, Ibuprofen and a cocktail of tablets. I am now not on any pain relievers. I was in that much pain I was walking around in circles unable to even think straight. I am now one happy person having found this path to a new me. Thank you Erin.

Michael Caris Sydney, Australia January 7, 2013

Roz Making

After only two treatments the [leg] pain I’ve experienced for six months has been significantly reduced. I have been able to walk around and enjoy the cruise so much more. I wish the cruise was longer so I could have accessed this wonderful service again. Erin truly is a miracle worker.

Roz Making Sea Princess Cruise Ship October 13, 2013

Annette Hilton

had decided after 30+ years of back pain that I would take the opportunity of giving acupuncture a try. I was apprehensive but being greeted by Erin, who, with her kind and caring manner quickly put me at ease. I have just completed my fifth treatment and am amazed at the results. The pain in my back is 95% better than it was, which is just a wonderful improvement. I highly recommend Erin for her kindness, thoughtfulness and ability of being able to explain the treatment. I just wish she lived in Brisbane. Thank you Erin ☺

Annette Hilton Brisbane, Australia December 9, 2013

Perry Potter

After listening to a very interesting on board talk by acupuncturist Erin Ward, I decided to seek her help in treating a number of problems I suffered from: namely – stress and depression, spur in left foot and low back pain. After the first treatment, the results were remarkable. I felt less stressed, I could touch my toes for the first time in an extremely long time and I started power walking around the deck daily without any pain in my foot. I continued the treatments for the duration of the [2 week] cruise and the results were dramatic. Thank you Erin, you have opened up a new life for me.

Perry Potter Sea Princess Cruise Ship December 17, 2013

Debra Chase

I have had sore knees for years. Degenerative they said; nothing they can do they said. My 4th day into the cruise I was in excruciating pain. Even getting up from sitting was too hard – forget the steps! I went to one of Erin’s seminars on acupuncture – although I was a complete skeptic I was willing to try anything. On the first go, I was amazed, delighted and almost tearful with gratitude. I signed up for three sessions. By the third session, I have no knee pain and was even forgetting to take the lifts! I could even do Zumba! I will now be using acupuncture for the rest of my life. I am quite excited about trying it for other ailments. From a complete non-believer to embracing acupuncture! Wow. Wish I had discovered this a long time ago. Thank you Erin!

Debra Chase Sea Princess Cruise Ship December 27, 2013

Larry Clifford

I never have time for acupuncture whilst home, too busy working and living. However, after attending the acupuncture presentation on day 1 of the cruise, I jumped at the opportunity to sign on for a series of 5 treatments. I had a range of ailments from a very painful back and shoulder to some chronic lifestyle diseases [high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes]. I can honestly say Erin Ward was a real blessing and the results were (are) amazing. I haven’t felt this good for years, and I know this is a direct result of Erin’s skill as an acupuncturist. My wife and I are going to continue with acupuncture treatments upon our return from this holiday, which has been a lifestyle changer for us both. I can and do strongly recommend Erin and acupuncture, and who knows it could be a lifestyle changer for you too. Thank you Erin.

Larry Clifford Sea Princess Cruise Ship January 6, 2014

Jane Milliken

I have seen about 4 or 5 different acupuncturists in the past to deal with my right thumb and arm tendonitis – and I have to say that Erin Ward is absolutely THE BEST!! I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is extremely gentle, caring and compassionate, and she puts you at ease right from the start. Her knowledge of TCM, herbs, organ systems, etc. is impressive, and her intuition about the body and its needs is extraordinary. I have had significant reduction in my tendonitis symptoms since beginning treatment with Erin. All I can say is Erin – thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Jane Milliken Vancouver, Canada January 7, 2014

Shelley Bail

Thank you Erin!! ☺ My acupuncture experience was amazing – I feel so refreshed and confident that my treatments have taken all stress away. Your bubbly, lovely personality makes everyone at ease. I look forward to our chats and relaxation of the treatment every day. Thank you – again ☺

Shelley Bail Sea Princess Cruise Ship January 7, 2014

T. (Frank) Hayes

I have been suffering from severe shoulder pain, herniated discs in my lower back resulting in fairly acute sciatica and a painful spur in my foot which considerably impeded walking. My wife read the testimonials in the lounge and persuaded me to make an appointment with Erin. I have always been skeptical of acupuncture but agreed to give it a go. The results have been amazing – I no longer have any pain from the spur and my shoulder and sciatic pain are greatly reduced. I have been very impressed not only with Erin’s treatment, but also her caring and professional manner. I would thoroughly recommend acupuncture to anyone in pain and I can’t thank Erin enough.

T. (Frank) Hayes Sea Princess Cruise Ship January 21, 2014

Kevin Dennis

My two recent sessions of acupuncture with Erin not only increased my knowledge, but also my belief in eastern medicine. Erin has a very personal approach that makes you immediately feel like more of an old and valued friend than just a client. Erin has the ability to explain both why and what she is doing in a manner that allows you to understand and also believe in what she is doing. Most importantly, Erin *listens* ☺

Kevin Dennis Sea Princess Cruise Ship January 21, 2014

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