Our team

  • Alex DigraziaLicensed Massage Therapist

    Alex was born and raised with his twin sister in the golden hills of California’s Central Coast. He moved to Eugene in 2012 to pursue a Bachelors of Music in Jazz Studies on the Guitar, but changed courses when he made a startling discovery.

    He noticed that his playing was always affected by whatever was present in his body and mind. If he was anxious, his playing would sound anxious and strained. But when he began his sessions with breathing exercises, his playing took on a completely new quality.

    Over time, he began incorporating a philosophy into his practice routine called “Do Easy”.

    The idea was simple: Get relaxed. Practice effortless action. Play as slow as needed for this. Don’t judge it. Don’t rush the results.

    In just a week of practicing this way, he found himself playing effortlessly at full speed. He had discovered the virtue of practicing ease.

    It was out of these experiments in the practice room that Alex began to think “My body is the first instrument. The guitar is the second. If I practice being relaxed, flowing, and full, then my playing will follow suit.”

    He set out to learn as much as he could about the human body and mind.

    A graduate of Lane Community College’s Massage Therapy program, Alex’s bodywork is rooted in traditional Swedish Massage, and incorporates elements of Myofascial Release, Structural Integration, Trigger Point Therapy, Connective Tissue Therapy, and Acupressure.

    Along with his Massage practice, Alex has been immersed in Meditation, Martial Arts, and Medical Qigong for the last four years. He is currently training in a 200 hour Medical Qigong Practitioner Certificate program with Eric Shaffer, Doctor of Medical Qigong (China), and looks forward to offering energetic treatments and prescription Medical Qigong self-healing exercises.

    His experience in these mind/body disciplines informs the compassionate awareness he brings to the treatment room.

    In his spare time, Alex enjoys teaching a small studio of private guitar students, having a hearty laugh with friends over home-cooked meals, and going for long, long bike rides.

  • Hannah CombsLicensed Massage Therapist

    Hannah grew up on a small family farm in Oregon. As a home-schooled youth and early community college attendee she enthusiastically studied a dynamic curriculum of interests while lovingly tending to the family goats, chickens and gardens. Her passion for massage ignited when she witnessed the rejuvenating and healing effects of the work and how balance in physical, mental and spiritual health become restored and strengthened. The variety of modalities and opportunity to connect with folks on their healing journey drew her to East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, OR to pursue massage.

    Hannah’s enthusiasm for creativity and individual expression mirrors her bodywork. By utilizing her skills in Deep Tissue, Swedish, Myofascial Release, Structural Bodywork and Craniosacral Therapy each treatment is customized to an individual to honor where they are in the moment and what their short and long-term goals are. Hannah’s mission is to provide a nourishing and effective massage experience that helps facilitate the healing process of the body and support her clients in their journey with compassion.

    Hannah loves to leads a full life and enjoys finding that sweet spot between extrovert and introvert activities. You can find her immersed in bodywork studies, working on many artistic projects, connecting with the local community, or relishing in the serenity and play in the forests of Oregon.

  • Kristi HensleyCustomer Service Specialist

    Kristi is originally from Wyoming but has been in the Willamette valley for over 10 years. She ventured out to the Pacific Northwest to see some sequoias and experience the West Coast lifestyle. Since being in Eugene she has enjoyed exploring the various outdoor activities that are available in the valley as well as all the great restaurants around town. Recently she has received her Basic Health Care Certificate and her Associates degree from Lane Community College. Kristi has a background in exceptional customer service and enjoys getting to know the patrons that come through Anjuna’s doors. When she isn’t helping clients at Anjuna you can find her outdoors exploring the beautiful and inspiring natural world with her husband and her two daughters.

  • Russell DraperBusiness Development Lead

    Russell was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma until moving away to college in Tennessee, where he received a B.S. in Mass Communications. Taking his education and skills, Russell began a career in management. As his career interests grew, Russell stepped into the world of Finance with one of the largest U.S. financial institutions.

    Russell loves the outdoors and is an avid cyclist. He and his family enjoy hiking with their dog, camping, and traveling to many of the beautiful parks this country has to offer.

    Russell’s favorite past time is music. He enjoys going to concerts, exploring new music, and playing it a little.

    Russell, his wife, Lauren, their three children, Adeline, Bennett and Cohen, and their 95 lb. black lab lap dog, Vader, reside in St. Louis, Missouri.

  • Mel Newberry

    My name is Mel Newberry and I am a British steeplechase athlete and elementary school teacher.  I am passionate about training and competing at the highest level, and also teaching students of all ages about the sport and getting them involved.  I make sure to incorporate track and field, especially the steeplechase, into my teaching wherever possible, and have been volunteering in schools teaching extra PE classes to promote understanding of physical fitness and healthy living.

    Q & A

    What do you do when you are not running (other hobbies/counter sports)?

    I love going to a street dance fitness class twice a week, and I am trying to learn to cook (read: binge watching Cutthroat Kitchen for “inspiration”, while getting distracted, burning things, and smoking my housemates out of their rooms).  I also work as an advisor for Global Exchange Oregon’s Study Abroad office, and volunteer at a local elementary school while I complete my MA in Special Education.

    Favorite running shoe?

    Nike Pegasus.  Boring, but true. ALTHOUGH I did just order some that are “jungle print”, and I’m pretty excited.

    If you had to name one aspect of running that gets your most psyched, what would it be?

    Running has given, and continues to give me the opportunity to race around the US and world, and I absolutely love how this has enabled me to see awesome places, meet runners from all over and talk to them, and race against a huge range of runners.  Racing gets me the most psyched out of everything, but there’s also something extremely special about the team dynamic in a workout, where everyone is working together to push each other to get better.  This is especially so on Team Run Eugene, which is just the most wonderful collection of interesting, kind, and driven runners, with hugely varied interests and careers, but a shared goal of becoming the best athletes that they can be.

    Essential Running Food?

    Bananas! And Raw Revolution Glo Bars- they’re a natural, plant-based, raw food protein bar full of seeds that are low in sugar and gluten-free, but taste amazing!

    If you never started running what would you have pursued instead?

    If I had never started running, I would have likely pursued the violin at a higher level (track sessions conflicted with orchestra in high school, so my orchestra attendance became pretty shabby!).  I would have got my violin teaching diploma, and perhaps looked at going to music college. 

    Who is your idol/hero?

    Annette Peters.  She is a kindergarten teacher in the Springfield Public Schools who represented the US in the 3000m at the 1992 Olympics.  She made training fit with the demands of elementary school teaching in a way that is totally inspirational, still teaches today, and makes her school’s jogathon awesome.

    Guilty Oregon pleasure?

    Oh gosh!  So many! Wearing rainbow socks and other clothes that are probably closer to costumes, just because I can and none will bat an eyelid. Also relishing the fact that video rental shops, barcades, bingo and trivia nights all still exist here, and going regularly to all of these.  Living in Eugene is like stepping into a time warp in the best possible way!

    Tea or coffee or Kombucha?

    All three!  I have to start my day with coffee, but then at work I like to experiment with the International Affairs Office’s range of teas. I am a kombucha freak, and am in the process of learning how to brew my own.  A little perturbed that the scoby you need to start it off looks like a jar of brains, but otherwise optimistic.

    Favorite Eugene meal after running?

    Either miso eggs from Izakaya Meiji, or a selection of anything and everything that the Sundance Natural Foods hot and cold food bar has to offer-  you can’t go wrong there! 

    What are your top 3 fav running locations?

    The Ridgeline Trail
    Hendricks Park
    Mount Pisgah
    Bonus: Northala Fields, Northolt, England   (it’s a collection of super odd, man-made hills right next to a busy motorway, but it’s a fab place to run!)

  • Matt Hidalgo

    My name is Matt Hidalgo. I have resided in the Pacific Northwest for the majority of my life, but Banks, Oregon is the place I call home. Adrenaline sports have always been my passion; as soon as I could ride a bike, I wanted to jump it. My passion for extreme sports evolved as I got older, which led me to the sport of Pole Vault during my freshman year of high school. My Grandfather, who was a top level vault competitor in the 60s, turned me on to the sport. After one season I was hooked. I knew this was something I wanted to train for year around for in order to become the best I could. It is quite the rush launching your body into the air as high as you can, and the best part is that the better you get, the higher you get to go. Although Pole Vault is one of the most dangerous sports, the risk is worth the feeling of clearing a new height.

    Q & A

    What do you do when you are not running (other hobbies/counter sports)?

    In my spare time you’ll find me skiing, doing parkour, rock climbing, hiking, riding dirt bikes, riding sport bikes, or disc golfing. My main goal is to have as much fun as I possibly can. When I’m not active, I’m tasting new IPA’s and spending time with the people I love.

    Favorite running shoe?

    My favorite running shoe is the Nike Zoom Structure. Can’t beat a Nike Zoom Air shoe.

    If you had to name one aspect of running that gets your most psyched, what would it be?

    The moment you are at top speed.

    Favorite Eugene meal after Vaulting?

    A teriyaki beef plate and a spam musubi from Every Day Kine Grindz. They’ve got the best Hawaiian food in Oregon.

    What are your top 3 fav vaulting locations?

    1. Hayward Field. Eugene, Oregon.
    2. The Armory. Washington Heights Manhattan, New York.
    3. The Tacoma Freedom Fair Beach Vault. Tacoma, Washington.

    How many poles have you broken?

    I’ve broken 3 in my career. Luckily I’ve been alright every time. It is quite a sensation when a pole brakes. The noise is about as loud as a gunshot and the shock sent through your hands can fracture bones, and the broken pieces and shards launch outwards with amazing force.

    What is the best part of any vault?

    The best part is the frozen moment when you’re soaring above the cross bar, however many feet in the air, and you know you made it. That moment feels incredible. The fall back to earth is priceless.

    Guilty Oregon pleasure?

    Camping deep in the woods with my friends, or visiting the amazing breweries around the state.

    Tea or coffee or Kombucha?

    I love all three. Coffee would have to be my favorite though. Sometimes I’ll even drink coffee while vaulting. I mostly drink it black, however every now and then a caramel macchiato hits the spot.

    Essential training food?

    A dense, nutrition packed meal bar. Something I can throw down that keeps me going. Coconut flavored preferably. My favorites are Tram Bars, Probars, and Meal Pack bars.

    If you never started vaulting what would you have pursued instead?

    Skiing for sure. I’ve been an avid skier for over 15 years.

    Who is your idol/hero?

    I have many inspirations in many different disciplines. However, from a pole vaulting standpoint, Renaud Lavillenie is my hero. He broke the world record in 2014, proving that small guys can jump pretty high too.

    What is the scariest, or most intimidating part about vaulting?

    Vaulting is a mental game. So the most intimidating part is the realization that you have to run at absolute top speed with a 16-foot pole, plant that pole into an 8-inch-wide box, jump as high as you can, and get that pole to go past vertical. If you don’t generate enough energy (or worse, you make a mistake) and that pole doesn’t get past vertical, then you get rejected. It happens to every vaulter at least a few times, in varying degrees of catastrophe. The end result is you’re not going to land on the mat, you’re going to hit the ground. That risk is what makes pole vaulting exhilarating. Unfortunately, the mind game of pole vaulting and fear of making a mistake causes many vaulters (world champions included) to leave the sport for extended periods of time, and often indefinitely.

  • Nathan Heide

    Climbing by the numbers

    Routes (Highlights):

    5.14s- 4: Omaha Beach (Red River Gorge, KY); SuperNova (Rumney, NH), God’s Owen Stone (Red River Gorge, KY), Viaggio Segreto (Ferentillo, Italia).
    5.13s- 35: Many in Red River Gorge, Rumney, Foster Falls, Italians Crags, Smith, Mt Potosi, Mt Charleston, Salt Lake City Crags, Idaho Crags.
    5.12s- 100+: Many in the above regions.

    Boulders (Highlights):

    V10 Instinct (sit), LRC (TN)
    V10 Redrum (sit), Bishop (CA)
    V10 Satan on a Half Shell, Rumeny (CA)
    V10 Eden, Joe’s Valley (CA)
    V10 Buzzsaw, Black Mountain (CA)

    Trad (Highlights):

    The Prow on Washington Column, Yosemite (CA)
    Broken Arrow, Tuolumne Meadows (CA)
    Desert Gold, Red Rocks (NV)

    Q & A

    What do you do when you are not climbing (other hobbies/counter sports)?

    I practice Ashtanga yoga, listen to music, vacation in sunny places with Erin, and think about how to make the best Anjuna Medicine brand around!

    Favorite climbing shoe?

    Five Ten Dragons, Blackwings, and V10s. (I’ve not tried the La Sportiva Solutions yet, but I think those will be my next pair!)

    If you had to name one aspect of climbing that gets your most psyched, what would it be?

    The adventures and exploration aspect, for sure. Also, the ability to try a problem or route and get completely shut down and think—”gosh, that might be impossible”—but then to come back and unlock the sequence, discover the beta, and send the problem or route. Gives me the feeling as if ‘impossible is nothing’. That’s what get’s me psyched!

    How many whippers have you taken?

    So many! Some of the biggest have been at Red River Gorge in the Motherlode after finishing Omaha Beach and Transworld. Those were HUGE falls. I’ve also taken some screamers in Yosemite that almost made me not want to go back (but, I did)! ?

    What is the best part of any climb?

    The best part of any climb is certainly the moment when I unlock a sequence that has previously been stumping me. Something that felt totally impossible, then becomes doable and possible. That’s the very best part.

    What is the scariest, or most intimidating part about climbing?

    The most intimidating part of climbing is being on the sharp end of a trad route high above the last piece of pro, which you suspect is not very good, but you need to keep climbing to get to the next good placement. It’s a moment when you just can’t fall—period. So, the stress and adrenaline is high and seriousness is legit. You just can’t make any mistakes or the results could be pretty catastrophic! You’re certainly on the edge between safety and insanity, which is just what I enjoy and makes me feel intimidated.

    Essential climbing food?

    I’m really into avocados and tortillas these days.

    If you never started climbing what would you have pursued instead?

    I have no idea! Climbing caught my attention from the very beginning, and I’ve never looked at any other activity with as much love as I do climbing. Who knows what else I would have done.

    Who is your idol/hero?

    In the climbing world it is certainly Bill Ramsey. He has inspired me from the first day a met him, and even now in his late 50s, he still climbs like a hardman. He’s a constant source of inspiration!

    Guilty Oregon pleasure?

    Euphoria Chocolate in Eugene. I seriously can never say no to their stuff.

    Tea or coffee or Kombucha?

    Kombucha and Tea. Currently, I’m on a coffee break.

    Favorite Eugene meal after climbing?

    Probably going to Falling Sky for a light meal and a beer.

    What are your top 3 fav climbing locations?

    Tuolumne Meadows, California

    Ceuse, France

    Red River Gorge, Kentucky

  • Kimber Mattox

    I am originally from Bend, Oregon, where I grew up playing a lot of soccer, basketball, and volleyball and chasing my older siblings and cousins around. Although I ran some in high school, college is when I really transitioned into becoming a runner. I competed in soccer, track, and cross country at Willamette University and then ran for the University of Oregon when I was in graduate school studying Human Physiology. I now balance my time between training, teaching, and coaching. On the track, my primary event is the 3km steeplechase. Off the track I compete in trail races and a little bit of obstacle course racing. I run for Team Run Eugene and am a member of the Nike Trail Team. Some of my biggest athletic accomplishments include: Xterra Trail Run World Champion 2014 & 2015, Warrior Dash World Champion 2014, and USATF Half Marathon Trail National Champion 2015. I was also a member of the silver medal winning USA Mountain Running Team at the 2015 World Mountain Running Championships. I am so thankful for the opportunities I’ve had to balance my own training and racing as an athlete, with teaching, coaching, and mentoring college students.

    Q & A

    What do you do when you are not running (other hobbies/counter sports)?

    My typical day involves running/training, teaching, and coaching. But when I’m not doing those things, I like to spend time with family and friends and I love to dance.

    Favorite running shoe?

    For trail running I love the Nike Zoom Kiger and Wildhorse. On the roads I like the Nike Pegasus and Lunarglide.

    If you had to name one aspect of running that gets your most psyched, what would it be?

    I love that running is such a simple activity that can be so many different things to different people. For me, running is a source of energy and an outlet for competitiveness, but more importantly, it’s a curious adventure into seeing just what my body is capable of.

    If you never started running what would you have pursued instead?

    I played soccer and basketball growing up and played soccer in college, so if I hadn’t started running I probably would have stuck with those.

    Who is your idol/hero?

    If have a lot of incredible people in my life who I look up to, including my family, friends, and teammates. These hard working, genuine, well-rounded people inspire me to be a better person every day. One hero in particular is my dad. He is incredibly hard working at everything he does and has always been the most fun, caring, dedicated father I could ask for!

    Guilty Oregon pleasure?

    Berries and Central Oregon sunshine.


    Tea or coffee or Kombucha?

    Tea and kombucha! I’m part of the Runa Tribe, so I love Runa’s guayusa tea to energize my training and adventures. I also make my own kombucha.

    What are your top 3 fav running locations?

    In Eugene, Hendricks and the Ridgeline trails. Favorite race location so far…Kualoa Ranch on Oahu for Xterra Trail Run World Championships.

  • Alexis Pappas

    Alexi Pappas is an Olympic athlete, essayist and award winning filmmaker. A Greek-American distance runner, Alexi is a national record holder in the 10,000 meters (31:36). She has been profiled in the New York Times, New York Magazine, Rolling Stone and featured on NPR’s All Things Considered. This November she was on the cover of the Runner’s World Magazine 50th Anniversary issue alongside Kevin Hart and was named the face of the “New Boom” in running.

    Alexi was recently named one of Spikes Magazine’s personalities of the year, alongside 2016’s other inspirational athletes.
    Outside Magazine ran a story naming her one of  “Five People Saving Running’s Reputation”.

    Q & A

    What do you do when you are not running (other hobbies/counter sports)?


    Favorite running shoe?

    Nike Zoom Structure.

    If you had to name one aspect of running that gets your most psyched, what would it be?

    The thought that I am not done reaching my potential yet—the curiosity for what is ahead!

    Essential running food?

    Great Harvest Bread with steak from Long’s Meat Market and seafood from Newman’s Fish Co, Eugene!

    If you never started running what would you have pursued instead?

    Writing and Filmmaking.

    Who is your idol/hero?

    Deena Kastor– she is an incredible athlete, role model, person!

    Guilty Oregon pleasure?

    Great Harvest Bread Cinnamon Rolls and also going to the movies…!

    Tea or coffee or Kombucha?

    Tea and kombucha! I’m part of the Runa Tribe, so I love Runa’s guayusa tea to energize my training and adventures. I also make my own kombucha.

    Favorite Eugene meal after running?

    Beet Boost mixed with Maple Hill Creamery yogurt, with veggies from the OG Corner Market and my recovery Enduropacks electrolytes.

    What are your top 3 fav running locations?

    1.     Pre’s Trail, Eugene

    2.     Ridgeline Trail, Eugene

    3.     Mammoth Lakes, California

  • Nathan J. Heide
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    Nathan’s clinical experience includes:

    • Co-Owner of Anjuna Medicine. Treated over 2000 patient visits since 2013.
    • One year specialty internship in Movement Therapy with Dr. James Fox PhD and Dr. Greg Moore, MD at the NeuroSpine Institute in Eugene, Oregon.
    • Rady Children’s Hospital: Co-managed over 40 oncology cases (In/Out/ICU Patient Care) on an integrated medical team with MDs.
    • UCSD Oncology Center, Encinitas: Helped optimize patient medical treatments via a multi-disciplinary approach, providing optimal physical, emotional, and spiritual guidance to challenge their illness.
    • Integrated Pain Management: Received advanced training with Dr. Michael Corradino using integrative pain management techniques and Neuropuncture principles in a biomedical setting for over 250 patient visits.
    • Orthopedic/Sports Injury Treatment: Received additional advanced Orthopedic & traumatology training with Drew Taylor, L.Ac., using Matt Callison’s AcuSport needling & ZhengGu Tuina protocols for orthopedic traumatology.
    • International Sports Medicine Clinic: Conducted a one-month international climber’s injury-repair clinic in Geyikbayiri.

    A native Oregonian from Corvallis, Nathan was born into a three-generation military family and has lived in Oregon, Washington State, California, Michigan, Rhode Island, Maine, Georgia, Tennessee, and Italy.

    Nathan is a veteran (former Naval Officer), an Eagle Scout, and Acupuncturist. He is proud to have served his country in the Navy and continues to serve the American people in healthcare. 

    Nathan holds a National Board-Certification in Integrative Medicine and Acupuncture (NCCAOM 154326), an Oregon Acupuncture license (AC 164157), and a California Acupuncture license ( AC 15688). He is also a practitioner of Chinese medical massage (TuiNa) and Ashtanga Yoga.

    Nathan earned his Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland. He specialized in acupuncture treatments for addiction medicine, women’s health and clinical geriatrics.

    Nathan earned his Masters of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, California. His focus was on acupuncture treatments for sports medicine and chronic pain conditions.

    Nathan earned his Bachelors of Arts in English Literature and Social Change with focus on prison education reforms from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

    He is currently working towards a specialty masters in healthcare business statistics from Brigham Young University and Oregon Small Business Development Center.

    Research interests include healthcare leadership, human microbiome, prion diseases, machine learning, neural networks and artificial intelligence.

    Nathan served as a Naval Engineering Officer (prior to returning to graduate school) serving three duty stations: USS JOHN C. STENNIS CVN-74, USS CAMDEN AOE-2, and CNE-C6F Naples, Italy, in support of the Iraq, Afghanistan and Enduring/Iraqi Freedom operations.

    When not busy treating patients, he loves to travel internationally to Turkey and Eastern Mediterranean countries, runs marathons (Big Sur International Marathon 4x Finisher), rock climbs, DJs for progressive and deep house music at home, practices Ashtanga Yoga, and can often be found enjoying a coffee with Erin at the Wandering Goat.

    Nathan lived in Naples, Italy for two years and on Saturday nights, he and Erin can often be found sampling some of the fine Italian and Thai restaurants around Eugene and Portland.

    Currently, Nathan and Erin live in Eugene with their two dogs, Bella and Chiara.