Erin R. Ward

Erin’s Education:

  • National Certification (NCCAOM # 153582) and Oregon license (AC # 169614) in acupuncture and oriental medicine.
  • National Certification (621767-12) and Oregon license (20855) in massage and bodywork.
  • Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego (San Diego, CA).
  • Associate of Science in Massage Therapies, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, New York (New York, NY)
  • Advanced Study Certification Program in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Beijing TCM University (Beijing, China)
  • Advanced study in acupuncture for mental and emotional health at The Institute for Classical Five-Element Acupuncture (Santa Monica, CA)

My career in acupuncture and oriental medicine was a happy accident. I worked in corporate risk management and insurance for eight years in New York City, but I’ve always enjoyed massage therapy. I used to massage many of my coworkers for fun, and one day, my coworker Harold, tried to hire me for his wife, Rosa, who had a herniated disc. I politely declined because I knew I needed a license to practice massage, but Harold was quite persistent. He said I had talent and clearly loved massage, so I should “go get a license”. He badgered me for six months before I finally looked into school programs to see what it entailed to get a massage license. The very first open house that I went to for massage therapy was at the Swedish Institute in New York. Unfortunately, I had to work late that night, so when I arrived they unintentionally put me in the wrong open house! I attended the open house for acupuncture instead of the one for massage, and I was simply fascinated. I had never had a treatment, and knew nothing about Acupuncture except that it was Chinese and involved needles, but there was something about it that made complete sense to me. Despite my many licenses, certifications, designations and even a Master Degree in Risk Management and Finance, I decided to give it all up and pursue a new career in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Of course, I finished my degree in massage therapy as well.

I have now practiced Chinese medicine all over the world in six different countries on four different continents. Initially treating pain conditions, I discovered in my travels that many physical ailments have an underlying emotional component. Either a negative emotion, such as anger, has led to physical pain such as frequent indigestion; or a physical pain such as chronic back pain, has led to emotional pain, such as depression over time. Even with a language barrier, it is not difficult to see the pain behind someone’s eyes. I began to practice pain management in a whole new light treating the emotions of the body more directly, and found that it helped my patients tremendously. This motivated me to investigate the mental and emotional health component of Chinese medicine more deeply. I enrolled and completed my certification at the Institute of Classical Five Element acupuncture, and now specialize in acupuncture for mental health.

When not busy treating patients, I love to travel, learn other indigenous medicines and study shamanism. I’m an intense adrenaline junkie and enjoy trying new things from skydiving to spelunking. Additionally, I enjoy hiking, football (go Ducks!), dancing to trance and deep house music, Vinyasa yoga and blogging. I can often be found lying on a beach or enjoying one of many delicious craft beers in Eugene.

It has been a pleasure serving many populations, and I am enjoying doing the same here in Eugene. Thank you for having me! 

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