The Anjuna Experience

At Anjuna Medicine, we believe acupuncture and traditional therapies help empower future generations, foster healthy communities and fulfill dreams for positive social change and global sustainability. We accomplish this goal by employing the novel, therapeutic features of acupuncture: it’s ability to modulate the nervous system and shift patients into a quiet, contemplative, reduced-stress mental and physical state without drugs. This serene healing state allows patients to become more aware of their body, their overall health and their community which ultimately translates into an improved ability to make better, informed choices for their own lives and world.

Why we are Different

Anjuna Medicine is like going to a spa, but better because you receive a medical treatment that deeply addresses all of your needs. You receive many of the benefits of a doctor’s visit with the human connection of talking to your best friend. Your treatments are customized based on both your daily and long-term needs, and we give you both a medical and a financial treatment plan because we understand that even insurance has its limitations. Coming to Anjuna Medicine is like coming home. Take off your shoes while our office manager brings you some tea, and recline in one of our lounge chairs by the fountain. Let our treatments be the highlight of your week, and experience a sigh of relief as we make your healthcare easy.