Chase Graboyes-Reed was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon and upon finishing his education at the University of Oregon, he moved to Washington state to pursue an education as a manual therapist.

Chase is currently a Licensed Massage Therapist (Oregon License Number: 24844) and received his education from Bellevue Massage School, finishing in January of 2019. Within the scope of body work Chase is passionate about functional human movement, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, and how well intentioned touch can bring about mental, physical, and emotional healing. Within his practice, he enjoys connecting his patients’ to themselves through deep breathing exercises, restoring optimal joint range of motion, addressing myofascial restrictions, and educating patients on how they can make small lifestyle adjustments that vastly improve their everyday movement and functioning.

Chase completed his undergraduate education at the University of Oregon in 2017 with two degrees in Psychology and Philosophy. He focused his research on Child Development and was fortunate enough to be a part of a lab at the university that looked to understand the ways in which children process and store new information, brain development, and the negative implications that malnourishment has on a developing child’s brain.

When he isn’t doing body work, Chase trains for and competes in Crossfit, spends time on Eugene’s diverse trail systems, practices transcendental meditation, and is passionate about learning for the sake of learning.