After completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Washington (Magna Cum Laude) in 1993, Karin Secrest graduated from Brenneke Massage School in Seattle in 1995. She has been working in private practice ever since.

She has studied and taught Yoga asanas and yoga mediation since the age of 15 in her native Germany and many other countries. Her highlight was her completion of an 800-hour Traditional Yoga Philosophy Program with renowned yoga expert Georg Feuerstein. Later she completed a 350-hour program in Ayurveda with Dr. Frawley. In addition, she studied another 100-hour program with Herbalist Kartha Purkh Singh Kahlsa in “Ayurveda Beyond Herbs” as it pertains to Massage Therapy. She also studied 100 hours of Japanese Anma and Japanese Hot Stone Massage with Shogo Mochizuki, and 70 hours of Lomi Lomi in Hawaii with Cortiva Institute.

Karin enjoyed going twice to her native country to study the pain-management methods of Liebscher & Bracht, which teaches pressure points and tense/relax/stretch exercises to release pain. Right now, she has a great interest to continue and to refine her study in the Thai Healing Arts for pain-management. She likes to travel once a year to Thailand to experience Thai Bodywork in order to refine her own skills later on with clients.

Karin has enjoyed traveling extensively internationally, including multiple journeys to India as well as to Thailand, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, and China mainly for personal and spiritual growth. She naturally also has enjoyed to travel to many places in Europe, as well as the Middle East.

Currently she is interested to share self-care programs for people in pain in which she teaches yoga like stretches (and tensions) ending in prolonged self-massage and deep meditative relaxation.

Karin resides in Eugene with her husband Wayland.