Tabitha was born and raised in the Willamette Valley where she spent her free time exploring the outdoors with her two brothers, a couple of dogs, and her best friend. Growing up outside still effects who she is an adult, as Tabitha’s favorite hobbies include: gardening, camping, hiking, swimming, kayaking, collecting pieces of nature, mushroom picking, and overall experiencing the life around her.

Throughout school and to this day, Tabitha enjoys writing short stories/essays, painting, and drawing – which in school, placed her in some competitions and gave her the opportunity to paint backdrops for her local theatre.

Tabitha completed High School at St. Helens High School in St. Helens, Oregon and explored opportunities at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon.

Tabitha has a work background in Management and Medication/Treatment Administration at Senior Living Facilities. This gave her varying skills in: Human Resources, Resident/Patient care and coordinating, training, etc.

Cottage Grove, Oregon is the small town in which Tabitha calls home with her husband Brian – their three cats, two dogs, two chickens, and one turtle.