What to Expect

We offer a 30 minute initial consultation for first-time patients to ensure acupuncture is the right choice for you. During the initial consult, we go over the diagnostic methods, treatment techniques, length of treatment, costs, insurance coverage and answer any additional questions you may have. No forms need to be filled out for the consultation.

On your first visit, a comprehensive diagnosis will be conducted, including a detailed review of your health history and current health concerns. We will conduct an examination, which includes an examination of the pulses at both wrists, blood pressure readings, meridian palpation, orthopedic exams, five element comprehensive diagnosis.

After the initial information gathering is complete, you will be given a treatment. The entire process of intake and treatment will take about 1.5 hours. The paperwork usually takes about 15 minutes to read and sign, so please give yourself an additional 15-20 minutes for your first visit to Anjuna.

At the next follow-up session, we will go over how we intend to treat your condition.

This follow-up session includes a thorough explanation of causative factors contributing to your health issue, as well as treatment recommendations, including herbal medicine, and what results you can expect to see. A complete treatment plan discussion will also include the expected timeline and expected results from treatment.

Treatment is usually conducted while lying down on an acupuncture table but may be done in a seated position as well.

Treatment is performed using acupuncture, acupressure, qigong, moxibustion, and therapeutic massage bodywork techniques. An herbal formula will also be tailored to your specific needs, if requested.

A treatment session will often involve the insertion of several needles, depending on the condition. The length of needle retention will vary from person to person and may range from seconds or up to 40 minutes.

Most of the time, clothing will not need to be removed, although it may be required to unbutton move, or roll up clothing, depending on the part of body being treated.

If you feel uncomfortable in any position, or have some problem with the treatment methods being applied to a particular area of your body, please tell us the moment you feel uncomfortable.

Our goal is to provide treatment while ensuring a maximum level of comfort and with the optimal amount of healing ease. No request is too small or unimportant. All you need to do is ask or indicate any discomfort, and we will address it immediately.