Our Customer Service Specialists are ready to receive your phone call, email, text message, or greet you in person. After a brief conversation, our team member will listen to your needs and make a personalized and guided recommendation to the provider who will best suit your healthcare goals.


Treatment is usually conducted while lying down on an acupuncture table but may be done in a seated position as well.

Treatment is performed using acupuncture, acupressure, qiqong, moxibustion, and therapeutic massage bodywork techniques. An herbal formula will also be tailored to your specific needs, if requested.

A treatment session will often involve the insertion of several needles, depending on the condition. The length of needle retention will vary from person to person and may range from seconds or up to 40 minutes.

We will only have you undress to your comfort level, gowns and draping will be used. Some areas of treatment only require you to unbutton or roll up clothing.

If you feel uncomfortable in any position, or have some problem with the treatment methods being applied to a particular are of your body, please tell us the moment you feel uncomfortable.


Our Goal: To make your healthcare experience easy and delightful.