Anjuna Medicine Sports Acupuncture

Anjuna Medicine is an Oregon-based company that designs, produces, and delivers superior acupuncture, massage, and dry needling treatments to the most demanding, high performance, and elite athletes. Our focus is on acupuncture, massage, and dry needling treatments custom designed for runners, track and field athletes, football players, mountain bikers, rock climbers, marathoners and many other of the world’s most extreme sports. Anjuna Sports Acupuncture and Massage services are available year-round, covered by most insurance, and soon-to-be available in multiple cities.


Established in 2013, Anjuna Medicine stands for superior medical knowledge, accurate and effective treatments, and sustainable results. Our treatments, with our signature electro-activated motor point stimulation, has returned the world’s most talented athletes back to championship status over and over again. We’ve proudly developed one of the most requested acupuncture and massage clinics in Eugene, and continue to grow to meet even the most demanding needs of each unique athlete.  Our treatments have delivered many breakthrough results where other medical therapies have failed.  Our athletes know they can depend upon Anjuna Medicine to support and deliver them through the most challenging moments of their athletic careers. We stand by our promise to make healthcare easy every step of the way.


Anjuna Ambassadors are simply the best at what they do. Period. They always push the limits of their sport every day during training and competition. To them, every day is another opportunity to cause breakthroughs in personal limits, local records or world records. They do this through outstanding ability, experience, consistent training and pure grit. The Anjuna Ambassadors are respected in the Eugene athletic community because of their attitude, approachability, ethics, stewardship, and commitment to excellence their sport. Our athletes are brand loyal and know that they are using the best healthcare to their fullest potential each and every day while they are out there pushing the standards and advancing their sport. Each year, Anjuna Medicine partners with elite athletes that are traveling the globe to push the limits of human potential promote the Anjuna brand.

The Anjuna Medicine Sports Acupuncture and Massage brand is committed to delivering acupuncture healthcare that generates breakthrough performance—through our technically superior treatments, meticulous detail orientation, and reliable, effective and sustainable care.