Anjuna Medicine is a clinic where the genuine care and well being of patients is our highest mission. We are dedicated to providing health care in a compassionate, calm way, employing techniques that have been effectively practiced for thousands of years. By applying principles of trust, respect, and professionalism we partner our compelling commitment to customer service with an incredibly high quality medical service. We expect that every ounce of our team’s intensity and energy is going into crafting an unbelievable patient experience that leaves you renewed, reinvigorated and equipped to achieve your goals. The Anjuna experience aims to address the health of the body and mind while being completely present with patients, every step of the way.



At Anjuna, our mission is to make healthcare easy and our vision is to reconnect people with the delightful experience of medical service. We accomplish these goals by integrated warm, comfortable hospitality and compassionate, attentive healthcare. We follow our principles by acting with integrity, honesty, and kindness in all transactions, making your treatment the highlight of your week by delighting, comforting, and healing, delivering the exceptional experience of human connectedness, and finally, operating from a transformative context of sustainability and compassion.


Healing is a partnership and a journey. As a true wellness center, the Anjuna staff is committed to providing our patients with solutions and long term health. By nature, acupuncture is a multi-pronged approach to healing, and we strongly believe in combination therapy to achieve these results. When our patients follow their specialized treatment plan, there may be an opportunity for cross referral. In these events, the intention and expectations are very clear. All Anjuna providers hold to a deep understanding of everyone on the team, including their services and their specialties. In that way, patients are referred authentically, based solely on which providers will serve as the best fit for their treatment needs.


At Anjuna, we offer an experience that encompasses much more than just a physical treatment. We are committed to forming strong relationships with our patients, proving how much we care about your journey to well-being and healing. We are personally invested in progresses and advancements and strive to see our patients living a life rich in health. Our providers fully understand the frustration that comes from suffering and we possess an unwavering pledge to serve you with profound compassion and refinement. The Anjuna staff will do everything we can to support you throughout your treatment process and in turn, we hope to build productive bonds that last for years to come.


Anjuna Medicine provides an inviting environment, where all guests, staff and clients enjoy a calm clinic setting. Upon arrival, patients will complete a precise and personal consultation with one of our providers. During this original intake, we will ask about symptoms and medical history. We will also ask about your lifestyle, interests and health goals. Rest assured, as an Anjuna patient, you are sincerely valued. We require a complete understanding of your ideals to form a detailed and holistic picture of your health. This one-on-one session is vital for our therapists to develop a clear path that communicates how to best serve you.


Anjuna Medicine has adopted a humanistic, well-rounded approach to providing care for our patients. Our skillful providers understand that each patient has a unique set of needs and every single treatment is personalized to best suit each individual’s body. We will create a completely customized treatment plan for you in order to achieve lasting, quality results. This progressive plan will include an assessment of your diagnosis, complete with a detailed explanation of how we will reach your goals and when you can expect to see results. We focus on finding the root cause of your ailment, not just mitigating your symptoms. At Anjuna, your therapy is tailored entirely to you, with achievable steps to healing.


We are motivated by the spirit of human connectivity and feel a deep responsibility to help patients achieve vibrant health. As a patient, you can expect treatment from providers who meticulously track results and regularly provide clear effective follow- up. At Anjuna, it is unacceptable for patients to feel uncertain about the progress of their treatment. To ensure this never happens, we have benchmarks, progress reports, pain scales and established techniques in place to gauge your improvement. As an Anjuna patient, you always know what to expect and will be provided with functional feedback that allows you to truly understand your condition. Our approach is designed to teach you effective ways to stay healthy, guiding you to live in harmony through natural means.