We understand that healthcare insurance and benefits are often difficult to understand and decipher. That’s why we apply extra effort to help you fully understand your benefits. We accomplish this task by verifying coverage for you, communicating with the insurance companies on your behalf, helping manage your benefit maximums, and developing treatment plans and strategies that are good for your health as well as good for your finances.

Workers Compensation

Acupuncture and massage services are covered by Oregon Worker’s Compensation law. An acupuncturist is an allowed provider and is limited to 18 visits or 60 days, whichever comes first. Coverage is commonly 100% as long as: your employer is aware you were injured on the job; you have completed the required reports with your employer; there is Workers’ Compensation Insurance coverage through your employer; and your claim is accepted. Patients are responsible for non-covered items such as supplements and herbal remedies. These items must be paid for at the time they are received. Some employers Workers’ Compensation plans have special requirements for workers care. Please speak with your claims adjuster or your employer’s human resources department to learn if you can visit Anjuna Medicine for your care.


Anjuna Medicine does not accept assignment from Medicare/Medicaid.

Automotive/Personal Injury/MVA

Oregon personal injury law allows acupuncture and massage treatments for automotive cases. Coverage is for “reasonable and necessary” care for 1 year. The statute of limitation for legal proceedings expires at 2 years. Each automotive insurance policy has different coverage limits. Coverage is for all occupants of the vehicle regardless of fault.


We request full payment of the charges for each visit at the time of service. If your financial situation requires special arrangements, please speak with our Customer Support Team before your scheduled appointment date.

Oregon Health Plan (OHP)

Anjuna Medicine does not currently accept OHP patients.