Anjuna Medicine is named after Anjuna Beach, a location in the country of India and the providence of Goa. Anjuna Beach is famous for beauty, musical gatherings, and group healing ceremonies.


Anjuna Medicine is named after inspiration from our favorite music group, Above & Beyond. Above & Beyond has two record labels called ‘Anjunabeats’ and Anjunadeep’ as well as a weekly radio show called Above & Beyond Group Therapy. The goal of this radio show is to create a binding musical identity that connects through the healing power of music.

While both are deeply foundational inspirations, Anjuna Medicine’s meaning has grown to encompass a broader definition than a beach and music group. For us, Anjuna is symbolic of honest human connectedness and self-expression. Our vision at the clinic, and company overall, is to promote health and self-expression in the world with a boutique, elegant feel. We feel that connecting, human-to-human, in the outdoor world is the best way to do this.

We are passionate about holding creative, healing space for people—which is why we seriously consider the effects of our clinic as a healing opportunity for individuals. We constantly aim to create a space facilitating access to the deepest and most vibrant self-expressed states of being. Anjuna’s healing spaces serve those people who regularly push the limits of their physical and mental ability. Sometimes, those self-expressionists get hurt and need a boost. When that happens, we are here to help, serve and inspire them back into their most creative sense of self-expression.

Our Company Service Values of Exceptional Patient Care

Deliver Real Value to customers first.

Deliver Real Value fast.

Focus on Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.

Concentrated treatments plans deliver Real Value sooner.

Working, effective treatments over comprehensive documentation.

Patient treatment plan collaboration over plan negotiation.

Responding to change over following a plan.

Demand greatness from yourself everyday.

  • Our Basic Vision

    To reconnect people with the delightful experience of medical service.

  • Our Basic Mission

    To Make Healthcare Easy.

  • Our Anjuna Pillars

    We make your treatment the highlight of your week by delighting, comforting, and healing.

    We act with integrity, honesty, and kindness in all transactions.

    We deliver the exceptional experience of human connectedness.

    We operate from a transformative context of sustainability and compassion.

  • Our Tagline/Slogan

    We Make Healthcare Easy.

  • Understand Our Daily Goals

    To make your treatment the highlight of your week.

  • Anjuna Medicine's Product

    As a clinic, we provide acupuncture and massage services, and in the treatment rooms, we deliver the promise of human connectedness, hope and inspiration for a better life.

  • Our Philosophy Document with Long-term Strategy

    Located Here: Currently being updated. Not Available Yet.



Anjuna Medicine is an insurance-friendly clinic that offers medical solutions to relieve chronic pain and mental health suffering. Our goal is to make healthcare easy and reconnect people to the delightful experience of medical service.

We understand that healthcare insurance and benefits are often difficult to understand and decipher. That’s why we apply extra effort to help you fully understand your benefits. We accomplish this task by verifying coverage for you, communicating with the insurance companies on your behalf, helping manage your benefit maximums, and developing treatment plans and strategies that are good for your health as well as good for your finances.



Resolute Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles to your word. It means knowing how to honor your word to yourself even when, paradoxically, you must break your word to fully honor it.


Synergy is the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or people to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. Authentic Synergy occurs when you combine relate-able transparency with synergy to achieve maximum collaborative effectiveness.


Continuous inventiveness is the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods and interpretations on a regular basis that moves Anjuna into new ways of operating.


We practice “relate-able transparency,” making almost every piece of information about the business available and relate-able to every employee. We share as much information as legally allowed on our DropBox and SOP, including financials (cash balance, burn rate, P&L, etc.), management-meeting decks and board decks. The only things we don’t share are things we are legally required to protect (e.g. notes on an acquisition we’re considering that’s under NDA) or things like individual salary information, which aren’t completely ours to share. We strive to create an environment where everyone feels deeply related to each other and the mission/vision of Anjuna.


Immediate, direct experience is at the core of humanity and is the most significant value in our society. We seek to transcend perceived limits that stand between us and a recognition of our self-expression, the disempowered reality of those around us, apathetic participation in society, and disconnection with a natural world. No idea can substitute for immediate, direct experience.


Empathic communication is emotional attunement that allows one to correctly acknowledge the emotional state of the patient without experiencing that state oneself.


Enthusiastic self-expression means a person who finds and expresses their voice, passion, and artistic self without fear of other perceptions. Only an individual or a collaborating group can determine on the medium. Self expression is essential to a complete human experience. The expressionist should respect the rights and liberties of the recipient and support others in the pursuit of pure self-expression.



At Anjuna, we are a group of dedicated medical professionals who strive to make healthcare easy for our clients, delivery exceptional clinical results and help patients transform their current, restricting medical conditions into thriving, limitless wholistic partnerships.

Nathan J. Heide
Owner/DAOM LAc
Christina M. Wozniak
Business Development Lead