An insurance-friendly acupuncture and massage clinic that specializes in medical solutions to relieve chronic pain and mental health suffering. Our goal is to make healthcare easy, accessible and sustainable.

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Benefits of Acupuncture

Good for Mental Health

Acupuncture makes our patients feel relaxed and reduces stress

Good for the Skin

Cosmetic Acupuncture reduces wrinkles and signs of aging

Good for Sports Injuries

Significant pain reduction after a sports related injury

Good for the Soul

5 Element Acupuncture realigns you with nature

Our Team

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Nathan J. Heide
Nathan J. Heide
Erin R. Ward
Erin R. Ward
Holly Carsten, BA.
Holly Carsten, BA.
Rebecca Jo
Rebecca Jo
Editor-in-Chief Assistant

I have never understood or believed any benefits of acupuncture. After seeing the immediate results with my wife who was very sea sick, I have been sold. My wife can now look out at the ocean with me without being sick. For myself, hiding my IBS has become part of my life – since the first treatment, my usual symptoms (that I have had for my years) have greatly reduced. The results are far better and faster than any other medical treatment I have undertaken. Erin Ward: thank you and don’t stop the miracles you create.

I have had countless massages over the years with many LMTs and above all Katie has been my favorite.  I have consistently had positive experiences and always feel genuinely cared for.  I appreciate her compassionate and intuitive approach and feel that she understands the depths of chronic issues, such as physical pain and discomfort.  She always makes an effort to meet me where I am at and is sensitive to my level of pain and tolerance of pressure depending on the day.  I have always felt safe and respected when receiving massage by Katie; something I greatly value, as at times I have found massage to be a vulnerable experience.  

Katie expresses authenticity and it is easy to see she is invested in providing best care practices. I hold her in high regard and would recommend her to anyone seeking not only a skilled practitioner, but also someone who values the client experience.

Fantastic massage therapist on staff! Katie Field has wonderful bedside manner, a healing touch, and a calm understanding demeanor. I am thoroughly impressed each time I've had her. I will be requesting her in the future.